The Western Dragon Mahjong Club started in late October of 2017 by a chance incident at Casual Dragon Games.

Justin Dilgard (who played Mahjong off and on for 3 years at that point) walked into the store with a Japanese Mahjong set to see if he can teach his boardgaming friends Mahjong. Shortly after entering, Derek Purpura walked into the room seeing the set saying "Are those Mahjong Tiles?" Justin replied with a "Yeah, it's for the Japanese version." to which Derek said "Oh I play the Japanese version online". Justin then replied with a surprised "What?!" Surpised that someone outside of the RIT group in Rochester was familiar with the game, an hour long conversation ensued. The two decided to host an event on November 17th at the store to see if anyone would show up. 6 people total attended that first event. Afterwards, they decided to host Mahjong on weekends and form a club. Since then, the club has had over 40 different members attend the store for Mahjong on weekends.

The club held their first tournament on October 27th with plans for their next one on June 8th-9th in 2019.

As one of 25+ clubs in the entire US that play the Japanese Riichi version of mahjong, the club is constantly growing with new players who stop by when not playing Magic, Warhammer, D&D, or any other tabletop or video game.

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